SFTP for destination for file replication backup

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SFTP for destination for file replication backup

by Mike Nichols » Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:04 am

RSYNC works well for backing up a set of data where individual backup files may have contents that change.

It is not ideal if you're backing up a set of data where you're only adding data and previous files that may already exist in the destination are large.

In my situation, i'm trying to replicate a file set where files are added but none that already exist ever change. Essentially i only need to send new files and delete anything on the destination that was deleted from the source.

Some of the files are very large, 500+ GB in size where i "seed" to the off site server using an external drive then pick up on replication over the internet.

It takes a very long time for RSYNC to scan the files to determine if it needs to be sent or not.

In this situation, i don't want it to do a block level replication, i'd be happy where if a file already exists with the same name in the destination it can be skipped.

It would be great if your product would offer a SFTP destination for a file replication backup, in my case a simple mirror.
It seems the only options for SFTP are ntbackup or ZIP which does not suit my needs for this project.

thank you.
Mike Nichols
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