Unable to restore files from External RDX

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Unable to restore files from External RDX

by ksimmons » Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:46 am


I am unable to restore from RDX drive. I have 5 tapes in rotation Monday-Friday. I'm also noticing that the customer might be putting in the Wrong tapes or the modified dates on the container files are off. When using BackupAssist to perform the restoration. I get an error stating that the Data Container file is not found but it is there. Next, I would like to mount the vhd but I get a permissions error. Please help.

Thank You.
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Re: Unable to restore files from External RDX

by Stuart » Tue Dec 08, 2015 8:19 am

Hi there,

It's Stuart here from the BackupAssist team, thanks for posting.

Which OS are you running on this site?
Can you tell me how you're attempting to perform the restore?
Also, is the backup which you're attempting to restore from on the actual RDX cartridge that you have in the RDX drive? I ask as this could be possible if the user doesn't religiously swap the cartridge each day.

How are you trying to mount the .vhd? Is it through Windows or another method? If you're unable to mount through Windows then this could be related to an OS issue.
If Windows won't mount the .vhd, then it's highly likely BackupAssist won't be able to either.
Stuart Edwards
BackupAssist Support

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