SQL Backup fails with Operating system error 53

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SQL Backup fails with Operating system error 53

by TRMike » Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:35 am

I have BackupAssist 8.4.4 running on Win2k12 R2 Server with the BA SQL Add-on.

I have a working SQL backup for another server local to the network. It backs up the database to a NAS on the network and BackupAssist's destination directory is configured using \\\Backups\SQL_Backups\.

Last week, I went to add a backup job for a server on the Internet (not local to our network), using the working SQL job as my reference. I created a new dir on the same NAS (not inside it, but beside the other SQL dir), \\\Backups\LicenseServer_SQL_Backups\. When I ran the backup, it complained:

BA1505 Cannot open the specified destination directory from the server - it may not exist or the SQL server may not have the correct authorisation
Cannot open the specified destination directory from the server - it may not exist or the SQL server may not have

I've tried several destinations including local storage to the Win2k12R2 server, both internal and external drives.

The local SQL server and this Win2k12R2 server most likely have the same Administrator password and on same domain, whereas the one outside our network has a different Adminstrator password, different regular user, and not on our domain.

Is this a permissions thing? Do I need to create a user with same name and password on the Win2k12R2 server and then add R/W permissions to the destination folder for that user so that the SQL backups will correctly find and write to the destination? Both jobs use the 'sa' user to login to SQL server.

Or is this because the server is remote and not going to be able to access the private IP? When I configure the destination dir for local C:\SQL_backup or external HD E:\SQL_Backup, when the job runs, it changes the destination path to \\HyperV-01, the hostname of the Win2k12R2 server. For the destination directory path configured as: C:\LicensingService_SQL_Backups\"

Cannot open backup device '\\HYPERV-01\BA_SQL_5_12\168.235.xxx.xx-LicensingService-20150901.105818.333-FULL.bak'. Operating system error 53(The network path was not found.).
BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

Thanks for your help
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Re: SQL Backup fails with Operating system error 53

by TimN » Wed Sep 02, 2015 2:51 pm


It's Tim from BackupAssist.

With the SQL add-on, we generally recommend that you backup locally to the SQL server and then transfer the backup file to the NAS in another backup e.g. a File protection backup.

If this still fails, please send in system diagnostics for us to review what is happenning with the backup.

To submit diagnostics:

1) Go to Contact Support ( via 'Help > Feedback & Support > Click on Contact Support

2) Fill out the form and ensure that the Submit system diagnostics checkbox at the bottom is checked.

If this does not work:

3) Launch the Diagnostics.exe file located in the BackupAssist install folder: C:\Program Files\BackupAssist v8\Diagnostics.exe

If you do not receive an auto-response email from us or have any issues using our automated support tool please follow these steps to manually send in your diagnostics file:

1. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data (for XP and Server 2003)
Go to C:\ProgramData\ (for Vista, Win7 or Server 2008, Server 2012)

2. Email support@backupassist.com a zipped version of the following folder: BackupAssist vX (Where X is the version that you are running)

If you find this file is too large to e-mail, you can trim down the size of the logs by removing anything older than a week within the following folders under the BackupAssist folder

- Summaries
- History
- Reports
- Temp

The Temp folder, is the default destination for PST and SQL backups to be stored during the backup process, so if there are any of these types of backups contained you can remove these as well as we don't require them.

If the file is up to 300MB in size, you can upload it to http://www.sendspace.com for free and send us the download link.



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