Baremetal / VMs backup

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Baremetal / VMs backup

by help.clickyes » Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:46 pm

apologizes if I ask something already answered, I didn't find anything related to this and this is the first time I use BackupAssist.

I have a 3 Hosts with Hyper-V. 2 VMs per host in production environment. What I need is to be able to backup my VMs, but the backups should be incremental, I tried the File protection mode to copy the VHDX files, but it runs always full backups for the ".VHDX" files instead of Incremental backups.
It is not doing incremental backups, it is making a FULL backup everytime and it is a problem for me.
I think a solution could be to use the Protection System Mode. But the problem I find is that my VHDX files are located in C (where windows system files are locate) so when I try to backup the VMs, it forces me to include the whole C unit and I only need an individual backup for each VM.

Anyway I tried this backup mode (protection system) (making a full backup of C unit that includes baremetal and everything) and I saw that it runs the Windows server backup (integrated in windows server 2012).
One of the reasons I am thinking to buy BackupAssist is because when we run the Baremetal with windows server backup it freezes the VMs and stop our production environment, so I want to avoid this backup service.
I would need to know if the System protection mode always executes the Windows Server Backup or if there is any way to avoid it.

Could anyone helps me,
Thanks so much in advance,
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Re: Baremetal / VMs backup

by casey.burns » Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:00 am

Hi there,

My name is Casey, and I'm with the BackupAssist team. Thanks for posting on our forum.

Since Windows views Hyper-V as an "application", the Hyper-V aspect of the backup is always in full. The rest of the data on the disk would be completed on an incremental basis but the Hyper-V backups will always be in full.

I suggest using System Protection to backup your system and Hyper-V. It enables bare-metal capability for easy restore that includes both individual file/folder and full system restore in one powerful backup. For more information on how our system protection Hyper-V backups work, check out the link below: ... paper.html

Also, system protection backups are always volume-based and at the block level - that is why you can't select individual files/folders when running this backup type.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have anything further to add.
Kind regards,

Casey Burns
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