Fault Backing up Exchange on SBS 2003

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Fault Backing up Exchange on SBS 2003

by wrighty » Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:29 am


For 12 months or more now, we have been running version 5.4.7 and backing up to external HDD. Recently we changed the backup device to a tape drive and all is working OK but we now get the notificatin pop up on starting Backupassist console saying.

"We have discovered a fault that prevents a small percentage of users from restoring their mailbox backups as a precaution we recommend rerunning a number of your mailbox backups."

I have then used both the rerun during and rerun now options, but the problem does not go away on the next startup of the console.

What has chnaged between backing up to HDD and backing up to tape.

How do I fix it.

Many Thanks
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