Resources Running Out

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Resources Running Out

by garak0410 » Mon May 02, 2011 11:18 pm

I am not sure if BackupAssist is causing this but I am running out of ideas here...we have a Small Business Server 2003 with BackupAssist. I took over this sever from another contractor and it has had its quirky issues.

I am run out of disk space for backups (and external drive) often but the C drive and the main file server drive, D, always have plenty of space. There is also not a lot of things using bunch of memory (we have 4GB)...however, I come into work in the mornings and most of the time, I cannot remote desktop into the server. If I log into it at the console, more often than not, it will say it is low on resources and it cannot load the profile and has to use a temp one...and at that time, I can't sometimes get into important tools like IIS for one.

We have a weekly reboot on Thursday's at 9:10PM for updates and such and the next day it will be fine...but it is frustrating to not be able to remote desktop for sure.

I know this MAY not be a BA problem but was wondering if anyone who is using BA has encountered this problem and possible solutions. I am also going to hit the TechNet forums too.

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