Hyper-V Backup

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Hyper-V Backup

by Hondacars » Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:29 pm

Hello All,

Can you help please, we would like to use Backup Assist to Backup our Hyper-V server and 2 VM’s, I have a few questions if possible.

Scenario – 1 Hyper-V Server running on Windows 2008 as a role, Backup Assist is installed on here. We then have 2 VM’s running on that hyper-V, each VM has multiple VHD of different types (Dynamic and Fixed)

1. Can Backup Assist backup my 2 running VM ?
2. Can Backup Assist backup them without pausing or stopping the VM’s?
3. Can Backup Assist backup the VM’s if they have more than type of VHD per machine, i.e. Dynamic or fixed sized?
4. Can Backup Assist backup different types of VHD (Dynamic or fixed) without pausing the VM’s
5. Can we send our restores to another server?
6. Can we restore whole VHD’s and mount them as running VM’s in the event of a failure?

Sorry for all the questions but I need help

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