Question re Upgrade Protection

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Question re Upgrade Protection

by deisceart » Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:11 am

What is the storys regarding point release updates and bugfixes?

I'm thinking of purchasing the current version (6.4.4) but with v7 imminent I expect I will be entitled to a free upgrade to this within 3 months of purchasing. However given it will be the first release of anew version I expect there will be some point release updates released (bug fixes etc).

Am I only covered from the 3mths of my original purchase for these?

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Re: Question re Upgrade Protection

by Michael F » Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:25 am

Hi Steve,

Thanks for posting on our forum Steve. I'm Michael Farquhar with the BackupAssist sales and support team.

I will be happy to assist you today Steve with your question.

In version upgrades (bug fixes and feature enhancements) can be installed even if upgrade protection has already expired. Only major version releases require a license be under a current upgrade protection plan.

Upgrade Protection is an optional annual subscription that entitles the subscriber to free upgrades to the latest major version release of BackupAssist, and includes the following benefits:

24x7 access to upgrades: installing the latest version of BackupAssist is just a few clicks away. There's no need to wait for purchase approval or payment confirmation: simply download and install the latest version as soon as you're ready. As long as you have a current Upgrade Protection subscription you can upgrade to any version release for free, at any time.

Free upgrade for all associated add-ons: The Upgrade Protection subscription covers the BackupAssist license. All associated add-on licenses (Exchange Mailbox, SQL, etc) are upgraded for free whenever you upgrade BackupAssist to a new version (e.g. v5, v6, etc).

Save money: renew your Upgrade Protection subscription before it expires to receive a 30% off the normal subscription price. This presents significant savings when compared with paying the full upgrade price without an Upgrade Protection subscription.

Dedicated technical support: Call or email us any time for assistance with BackupAssist during our designated support hours, or even arrange a time for one of our support staff to call you. We also provide remote services for real-time support to ensure that technical issues are resolved in the minimum time possible.

If a license is not under a current Upgrade protection plan at the time we release a new major version, then you must renew Upgrade protection before you can use the new major release.

Note: BackupAssist version 5 keys must be upgraded before it can be used with BackupAssist Version 6 or the upcoming release of BackupAssist version 7.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have additional queries or comments - I'd be happy to help.
Kind regards,

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