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Workstation 'Lite' version

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:24 am
by Technofarm
We would like to have a 'Lite' version of Backupassist for the following:

- When we install a NAS device in a network we would like to use BA-RSync for the local file back-up of the workstations (most of them are notebooks). This is for costumers without a server and use a NAS as central storage. When I need to purchase 10, 15 or 20 RSync standalone licenses it will get quite expansive. For notebook users who are on the road a lot RSync is a very good solution for fast back-ups when they are away from the Office.

- We would like to use BA for home users for our Online back-up solution. For home users € 149,- is quite a lot. When there is a cheaper Lite version it is much more attractive to home users.