Some Feature Requests

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Some Feature Requests

by Patrick » Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:44 pm

over the last Months BA really has grown on me.
But I still miss some Features:

1. iSCSI Support
We sell iSCSI Systems as the primay Backup Device to all customers because it's cost effecitve and extremly fast.
File Replication is no Problem but Windows Backup is. If I create the Backup Job as a to Disk Job, BA assigns the whole LUN.
So I need to create a Share within my LUN and Backup to that share, wich kinda eliminates all the Advanteges of iSCSI block-level-transfer.

2. More scheduling options
Would love to see somethin like this for Windows Imaging:
Backup daily or x times a week, but only keep the last 2,3,4 etc. Backups.

3. USB Drive Swap
Some of our customers use USB Drives as Off-Site Disaster Recovery Media.
It works like this: They have 2-5 USB Drives. One allways plug in the Server, the others Off-Site.
We create daily Backups so they can siwtch the Drive wehenever they want.
The Problem is we want to know if they get lazy.
The Perfect Solution would be if there would be minor/major Warnings in the Reporting if the Drive
had not been swapped for x days.
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