More image backup to NAS Schemes Please

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More image backup to NAS Schemes Please

by OllyWood » Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:37 pm

I have recently started using the excelent software, but have found an issue with it or the configuration of it:

We have multiple NAS drives on our network, that we can use to backup images of our SBS2008 servers to.

The only Schemes available for use are a Daily over write and a daily-week overwrite.

It would be very very usefull to have the multiple schemes available like GFS etc for the image backups to a NAS drive as with the USB external drive options.

I could then do a daily to say NAS drive 1, weekly to Nas Drive 2, Monthly to Nas Drive 3 etc.

Also the advanced options would alow modifications to these configurations.
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