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Mixed RSYNC encryption

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:45 pm
by kenc
I've got a customer running v9 and after months of our prodding, they're finally implementing remote backups using (at the moment) the RSYNC feature in BA v9

One of the short comings (I've found) in BA is with the RSYNC encryption and its "all or nothing" implementation.

In this case the backup contain over 400 thousand files and folders, but only a small percentage need to be encrypted.
In fact (in this case) only pdfs, docs, xls, etc actually need to be encrypted. The rest don't need encryption and within those, there are some files that "can never" be encrypted due to requirements by software they are used with.

This means that:
1) I need two backup jobs. One for non encrypted files and folders, and one for encrypted
2) Seeding and transfers take longer due to a large amount of files and folders being encrypted unnecessarily.

Personally I think that incorporating a (exclusion like) tab to optionally identify which "file types" and/or folders you want encrypted would be very useful