The ntbackup process failed (return code 0).

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The ntbackup process failed (return code 0).

Postby fester » Tue May 01, 2007 10:14 am

Hi all,

I get the following error when I backup using BA v3.5.3 "The ntbackup process failed (return code 0). Please examine the attached log file for an explanation.".

The log file has the error
"The requested media failed to mount. The operation was aborted.
The operation was ended."
This occurs half way through a data disk backup. The backup of the C: drive is fine and the above error happens about 52gb into the Data disk.
I have Windows Server SBS 2003 SP1 as the operating system.

Can anyone shed some light on this error


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Re: The ntbackup process failed (return code 0).

Postby ekonodio » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:30 pm


I have a similar problem

Win 2003 server

Backup doesn't run as a scheduled task. It runs only manually.

See the command:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntbackup.exe backup "@C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\NTBackup\data\Test Daily.bks" /n "Test Daily" /d "Test Daily" /v:yes /r:no /rs:no /hc:on /m normal /j "Test Daily" /l:s /p "4mm DDS" /um

The schedLgu.txt shows the following :

"Test Daily.job" (ntbackup.exe)
Finished 9/16/2008 10:33:02 PM
Result: The task completed with an exit code of (0).
Further more when runs it doesn't show status in the scheuled Tasks window

Prompt response will be much appreciated

Thanks very much in advance for your time/effort

Thanks again
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Re: The ntbackup process failed (return code 0).

Postby Michael F » Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:42 am

Hi Damien,

Thanks for posting on our forum. I'm Michael, one of the help desk support staff for BackupAssist.

I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with your backup job. I will be working with you to remedy this situation as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately we no longer support BackupAssist v3 as of the 30th of June 2008, please visit for more information.

I recommend you upgrade to BackupAssist version 5. If the problem associated with your backups appear in Version 5, we will be able to assist you in resolving the issue.
You can download the latest release of BackupAssist Version 4 at the following URL:

After installation, BackupAssist will run in a 30 day trial mode (full functionality) that will allow you time to purchase the upgrade.
Kind regards,

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