The requested media is not properly inserted

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The requested media is not properly inserted

Postby David Bousfield » Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:35 pm

Requested Media not inserted correctly


Backups have been working fine until about a week ago. We have Small Business server 2000 with a Sony AIT1 tape drive. We are also using the backup assist open files add on.

The problem that occurs is we get a message when ntbackup tries to use the media that "the requested media is not properly inserted
Do you wish to continue Yes No"

If yes it just goes round again with the same result.

It as taken us some time to get the back up running correctly on this server and just when we thought things were OK it all goes Pete tong

Please get back ASAP. We are now desperate to have some working backups. :roll:
David Bousfield
David Bousfield
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