Scheduled backups to USB hang; manual backups are fine

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Scheduled backups to USB hang; manual backups are fine

Postby fbdenman » Thu Mar 22, 2007 10:45 am

This is a Win2k SP4 server. Backup is to rotating USB drives. Scheduled backups hang after anywhere from 800MB to 1500MB of backup. When I start the same backup manually, it runs with no problem. Backup size is about 10GB.

This morning I found the backup hung at 800MB and I used Task Mgr to kill ntbackup and the BackupAssist processes (or maybe I stopped the services, don't recall), and was able to get an orderly shutdown and reboot, althought it took maybe 20 minutes to shutdown. When the backup is hung, the related processes are using almost no CPU, and there aren't any other processes running amok.

Previously, when the backup has hung, I have launched windows explorer to look around and have gotten the machine completely hung so that a power-off reboot was required.

I thought maybe the issue was AV scan running at same time as the backup, so I rescheduled the AV for business hrs, but no joy.

Nothing in Scheduled Tasks during the backup time.

Any thoughts about how I can troubleshoot this?


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