Backup Timeing Out

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Backup Timeing Out

Postby garciam » Thu Mar 01, 2007 6:56 am

I am trying to run a backup of my system. The entire backup is about 25GB in size. I am using a 20GB(Native)/40GB(Compressed) tape and I am using compression so I should have no space limitation problems backing up to this tape. Every night I run the backup and when I come in, in the morning the backup has stalled on Phase Two of the backup and is asking for another tape. I have completed a manual backup which required me to insert a tape then insert another tape and finally reinserting the original tape to complete the backup. If I don't use BackupAssist Snapshot Manager I only need one tape but if I use BackupAssist Snapshot Manager my backup gets to Phase Two of the backup and is asks for another tape inorder to complete the backup. Can anyone tell me why this is happening???
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