Backup Schedule options.

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Backup Schedule options.

by moored99 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:02 pm

I want to create a backup that you refer to as Grandfather-father-son.
I have 120TB disk space.

On HyperV-01 server I am backup up 1.5TB nightly (takes about 3 hours)
On HyperV-02 server I am backup up 1.2TB nightly.(takes about 2.5 hours)

I am using System protection and I need:

7 full day backups 7 x 2.7 = 19TB
4 weekly backups 7 x 2.7 = 11TB
12 monthly backups 12 x 2.7 = 33TB
1 yearly for 5 years 5 x 2.7 = 14TB

Total Space to be used ~ 77TB + growth

It is not immediately clear what tick boxes you tick to achieve this.

Can you clarify.
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