Email Notifications not sending

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Email Notifications not sending

Postby Taz187 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:32 pm


I'm running version 10.4.0 (fresh install not upgrade) and I have not got any email notifications about the backup jobs. I know the email is working correctly as when I used the "Test settings and connection type" option it tells me the result is successful and I get the test email in the inbox. I have removed all of the entries in the email address list and re-added them to make sure they are correct but still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas?

Many Thanks!
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Re: Email Notifications not sending

Postby RobertoPuglielli » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:31 am

Hi Dave,

Sorry to hear that you've had these issues with e-mail notifications.

Usually this is caused by either an issue connecting to the SMTP server or the e-mail is getting lost during transmission.

First thing that you'll need to check is the BackupAssist event logs by clicking on View > Event Logs.

You should be able to see the events of the backup running, then completing and the e-mail being sent out (see screen shot below for example of how this should look):

If you're seeing these events, then it means that BackupAssist is successfully sending out the e-mail. You may need to check any junk folder or spam filter associated with the e-mail account as it could be the e-mail is getting caught up at this point.

If you're not seeing the events highlighted, then you will need to check that you have configured the notification correctly within your backup job and also entered the correct SMTP settings for the mail server you're using within BackupAssist.

To check that you've configured the notification correctly, please follow the steps on page 8 regarding configuration of notifications in our 'Backup Tab' white paper: ... epaper.pdf.

To check that the SMTP settings you've entered are correct, browse to Settings > Email Server Settings.
To configure a mail server in BackupAssist:

1. Check Activate email features in BackupAssist.

2. Input a name in the Name field and email address in the Email field to denote who the emails that BackupAssist sends come from.
These details provide the sender information for the emails sent by BackupAssist. When you receive BackupAssist emails, they look as if they were sent by this person within your email client. The email address does not need to be valid, but depending on your mail server, you may need to specify one that is of the same domain (eg. as the mail server.

3. Input the name of your mail server in the SMTP Server field (eg.
It can be a good idea to use the server's IP address, because it removes the dependency on DNS. If your DNS server is down, your mail will still be sent if you use the IP address of the mail server.

4. Input the mail server port number in the Port field.
Most servers run on port 25, but some ISPs will block this port and run their mail server on a different one.

5. If your mail server requires authentication to send email check SMTP Server authentication and input a valid username and password that has permission to send email using the specified SMTP server.

6. Choose a method for connection to your mail server within the Connection type drop-down menu
BackupAssist provides a number of methods for communicating with your mail server. If you are unsure which method applies to your mail server click Test settings and connection type and BackupAssist will determine the most appropriate. Autodetect will attempt all possible connection types

If you feel that everything is correct after running through the suggestions above, then can I get you to test an alternate SMTP server. The settings for using the G-mail server for this purpose can be found at ... pgmailcom/.

This will help to determine if it's the SMTP server that may be causing the issue or not in this instance.

If you're still having issues, for this and future issues, I recommend you email for expediency purposes.

Please feel free to contact me should you have additional queries or comments - I'd be glad to assist you.

Kind regards,
Roberto Puglielli

BackupAssist Technical Support
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