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Resolved - Hyper-V backup Resetting Guest Uptime.

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:22 am
by dlevasseur
Just installed a new server and a new 9.2.2 license. Moved 2 VMs over FROM Server 2012 host to new Server 2012 R2 host. Backups run without any error however my "Uptime" per guest as shown in Hyper-V Manager is reset after the backups. The uptime in the guest OS is correct. I have read this happens when "Saved State" backups are used instead of "Live" backups. The reports show "online" backups are taken.

How can I confirm these are "Live" backups? Do I just need to sit with the server when the process runs to verify?

Host: Server 2012 R2
Guests: Server 2012 (not R2)
Integration Services up to date

Note that on the old server (2012 non-R2) using BA 7.4(ish) the uptime did not reset after backups.


After cruising around the internet looking for answers, I'm more leaning toward this being a bug in the new Hyper-V backup process in 2012 R2. According to DiskShadow the writers are using "Online" backups. According to my event logs under Hyper-V-Worker, my VMs never change state to "saved" so it isn't actually doing saved state backups.

Confusing. It appears some people have noted that the Uptime counter will still reset even doing a Live backup: ... rverhyperv