Problem configuring system backup on RDX with Data Container

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Problem configuring system backup on RDX with Data Container

by soldier9945 » Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:12 pm


I'm trying to set up a System Backup of a Windows 2012 Essentials server to a Data Container on 5 RD1000 medias. Without the Data Container, I can backup without any problems.

As soon as the Data Container option is checked, I get the following error after 4 seconds of backup:
BA4803 Insufficient free space to create or enlarge Data container

The RD1000 (1GB of data) is not even 50% full and my System Backup has a maximum of 120GB (~40GB used actually). I set up the Data Container to use a max of 200GB to be sure.

I've tried with version 9.1 and have given up on the Data Container. Now that 9.2 is out, I tried again to configure my backup to the Data Container, but it still doesn't let me.
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Re: Problem configuring system backup on RDX with Data Conta

by Stuart » Thu Jan 07, 2016 4:20 pm

Hi there,

It's Stuart here from the BackupAssist team.

I've reviewed your diagnostics that you have submitted and I believe the reason for your errors are that the backup .vhd that is created requires the same amount of space as the physical disk which you're backing up.

While you're only backing up one volume that's less than 200GB, the two physical disks attached to your system are 1TB and ~500GB.
Have you tried increasing the size of the data container to the physical size of the disk the C: drive is located on? This will be why the backup works without the data container as there is no set size restriction of 200GB. To prove this; try running the same backup straight to a 200GB USB disk without a data container - you'll see the same space errors occur.

On another note, I can see that you're also running a second File Protection backup to the same cartridge. Running two backups to the same removable hardware when one is a System Protection backup is not a recommended practice as the two backups can conflict with each other which may either result in the loss of data unintentionally or cause space management problems which means the backups won't be able to be deleted properly and will require you to manually do so.
Stuart Edwards
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