WindowsImageBackup folder, copying and permissions

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WindowsImageBackup folder, copying and permissions

by timeslice » Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:19 am

In order to make an offsite copy of a system image I would like to copy the backup image to another drive.
Currently BA (presumably the windows backup engine) creates and saves the backup image to a folder on our backup drive named WindowsImageBackup (EG: E:\WindowsImageBackup\<ComputerName> ) which creates a number of subfolders and files.

The folder and all subfolders seem to have some unusual security / ownership that prevents access to the folders / files.
Browsing to the folders and each subfolder prompts with "You don't currently have permission to access this folder", and a "Click continue to permanently get access to this folder. Clicking Continue allows access, but not permanently.

I'm logged in as an admin and administrators seem to have been assigned full access to the folder structure.

I am uneasy about this issue. Ultimately I want a solution where we can run our nightly system image locally and from time to time copy the most recent image off to another drive for offsite storage.

Can anyone shed some light on the above issue? Recommendations?
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Re: WindowsImageBackup folder, copying and permissions

by gsohal » Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:12 pm

Hi There,

It's Gagan from the BackupAssist team. Thank you for posting on our forum.

With regards to your query, to keep the backup offsite I'd suggest you create a new backup job in BackupAssist and run it to the NAS/ remote share where you wish to save the backup to.

We usually do not recommend copying/ moving existing backup(s) to another location as it tends to corrupt the catalogue files, resulting in restore failures.

The permission denied errors you are getting are related to Windows as these folders contain some System files which a normal user/ administrator does not have access to.

As stated above, if you want to keep the backup offsite then you can choose from either option below:
1. Configure backup job to 2 or more external drives and rotate them daily / weekly; this will allow you to keep one drive offsite.

2. Configure 2 backup jobs:
a. To external drive for daily/ weekly backup
b. TO NAS/ remote share for daily/ weekly backup

If you need further assistance with Backup configuration then I'd suggest you submit your query to
Alternatively, based on the time zone you are in; you can also contact our phone support from the numbers mentioned in the following link:

I hope it helps.

Have a nice day ahead.

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