Restoring Backup at a Different Location

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Restoring Backup at a Different Location

by bniknar » Sat Sep 01, 2018 4:08 am


My BackupAssist does Hyper-V backups to a NAS, which works great. The NAS is cloned to other NAS's that are at remote offices.

In one of the remote offices, we want to restore a Hyper-V machine to a local Windows server. In the remote office:
    1. We have BackupAssist on the Windows server in the remote office.
    2. We Discover all of the backups on that NAS clone in the remote office.
    3. We try to restore a Hyper-V backup. BackupAssist errors-out, indicating it can't find the path to the backup and displays the path to the NAS that's in the main office.
How can I restore successfully in this case? I think BackupAssist is somehow getting the path to the backup out of the .ba file for the backup, and is ignoring the path found in the Discover button.
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