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backupassist 8.4.3 with vm guest

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:29 am
by snowbike
i have 2 hosts win 2012 r2 in workgroup with replica service between them
host have hyper-v role installed and support three vm guest:
one guest server 2012 r2 Domain controller
one guest server 2012 not r2 with exchange 2013
one guest server 2012 r2 server file
i have install BA on the host machine... when i try to create a full system protection i have a problem with the exchange guest vm authentication ..
in this case i try all the possible combinations for user and password, i try to create a user with domain administrator permission that i put also in my workgroup host;i try with the administrator user, this user in the host machine have the same password that the administrator domain controller.. i try also put the name of workgroup the same that the domain name... but nothing, i alwais get the same error credential ....
the principal BA credential are the administrator e pwd to the host server with, in the field domain name, the server host name... with this i can create a system protection backup but only for the critical disk without any possibility to restore vm guest with vm granular restore...
sorry for my poor english

Re: backupassist 8.4.3 with vm guest

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:22 pm
by michael.jones

It's Michael Jones from support.

The Exchange guest detection uses LDAP to look for Exchange, like mailbox backups, but there's a bit more to it:

1) First we find all guest's FQDN

2) For each fully qualified domain name, we hope that either the guest itself or the domain controller for the domain are directory servers that know about Exchange servers.

3) To find the domain controller, we take the domain name from the FQDN and query windows.

4) Then we do LDAP queries against both the domain controller and the guest itself, using the credentials provided. We are querying to see if these machines know about an an Exchange server matching the guest name. If found, the guest is Exchange.

NOTE: For this case, since it can't find the domain controller, we can only do LDAP queries directly to the guest itself. If the Exchange server is a "member only" Exchange server, then it won't be a directory server (which is why we also query the domain controller). But this is unusual - normally Exchange servers have Active Directory.

Possibilities if Exchange is not found:

* Perhaps the Exchange server has a different name to the guest, please verify that the user is a domain level admin.

* Perhaps credentials don't allow us to query the guest's directory server, or at least not down to the level where we can see Exchange servers

Re: backupassist 8.4.3 with vm guest

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:44 am
by snowbike
hi michael, thanks for answers
resolved issue
the problem was the primary dns in the host that was a public google dns (
when i set the guest's DC server ip as primary dns on host, backupassist has logged correctly on guest vm with exchange
thanks a lot