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Archive bit.

Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:40 pm
by marcop.eos
I need to use BackupAssist 8.20 on windows 2008 without changing the archive bit because currently is installed another backup software that uses it to make the incremental and would like to make an additional copy of the data before disposing of the old system.
Is it possible? If so, how?


Re: Archive bit.

Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2014 9:03 pm
by michael.jones

It's Michael Jones form support. You should be able to do this using our File Protection engine. It runs File based backups using SIngle Instance Store. It selects data to be backed up by last changed date, and does not touch the archive bit.

Here's a link to our white Paper for the File Protection Backup: ... epaper.pdf