restore hyper-v "no backups found"

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restore hyper-v "no backups found"

by Statick » Mon May 22, 2017 12:48 am

As the title says. Using BA 8.4.5r1
Have a full "system protection" backup of our Windows 2012 Server, which has selected the OS drive C:, the full Hyper-V selection (2 guest OSs) and VHD drive, Exchange server, and the bare metal option (can't remember what it's called).
Going to "restore" I can choose files/folders from the backups, I can choose Exchange granular recovery, all the other stuff seems to detect just fine. But if I click on the Hyper V restore page, it just tells me "no backups found" which is very worrying as there have been over 100 backups made. I've checked the selection and the logs and the Hyper V backup is definitely happening every night.
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Re: restore hyper-v "no backups found"

by Stuart » Mon May 22, 2017 11:26 am

Hi there,

Thanks for posting on our forum.

The Hyper-V box under the Restore tab in v8 is in reference to the Granular Restore Console - which allows you to grab individual files from the Hyper-V guests backups. It's not directly related to if the guests have been backed up or not.

I believe that to be able to help you with this properly, we're going to need more environment specific information; which I wouldn't recommend publishing on a public forum.
Submit some diagnostic information which outlines what you're experiencing and we'll be able to take a look for you. The steps to submit diagnostics are:
1. Open BackupAssist.
2. Click on the Help menu across the top of the console.
3. Select Feedback and Support... from the drop down menu.
4. Click on Contact Support.

5. Enter the details asked for:

Valid E-mail Address: (so we know where to send our answer to your question).
Subject: Brief overview of your query.

Message: A detailed overview of exactly what your query is about. The more information you give here will make it easier for our support team to assist you.
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