Rsync fails with BA706 insufficient space message

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Rsync fails with BA706 insufficient space message

by krlcon » Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:14 am


I am running the RSync standalone V 8.2.1. It has been running flawlessly for a couple of years. It runs on a 2016 Windows server Essentials 2012 R2 VM and syncs to a remote machine in my office. I wanted to decommission the old machine and so I copied the rsync backup directory to a new machine and set it up as an Rsync server. So far, so good, I can connect. However, although it is seeded it wants to copy down almost all of the whole 97 GB of files again, ignoring the existing files already there.

I have a couple of concerns about this. First, does this indicate that the synced files are not valid? I would hate the think that could be the case but if it wants to rewrite portions of almost every file I am not sure what else to think. Second, if the files are indeed valid, which I hope, how to I get it to understand that it has sufficient space. I do not have the whole 100GB free it would need to copy every file back, I only have about 40GB.

One more piece to the puzzle is I have a current license for BA9 AND rsync that I would like to install but I am afraid that will break the existing RSync job that is currently working! What to do?

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Re: Rsync fails with BA706 insufficient space message

by Stuart » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:22 am

Hi Ken,

Thanks for posting on our forum.

I doubt that the files are invalid (however you should be performing regular test restores as part of any backup strategy to be sure of this).

I'd say that the copy you've made from one system to another hasn't maintained the file structure exactly as it should be. If the file structure is not 100% identical then the checksum will be out and cause a lot of additional transfer to occur unexpectedly

Whenever anyone raises the scenario which you're attempting; it's always better to re-seed using the seeding option through BackupAssist from the actual source data. This will make sure that the structure is correct and the data is the most current so when the first backup is run to the rsync server then the transfers will be minimal.

I'd recommend doing this first of all to see if this corrects everything.

As for upgrading to version 9; the job will be the same as it is in version 8 - however you need to make a decision based on what's best for your business and client.
If you do choose to upgrade, the steps to do so are available from
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