Restore Console restores Archive folders to incorrect folder

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Restore Console restores Archive folders to incorrect folder

Postby bubba724 » Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:55 am

Backupassist v 7.4.7, Archived file backup jobs using the Professional scheme [M-F, W1-W5, M1-M3, Q1-Q4, Y].

We are using restore console to restore a specific folder from the most recent archive [week 2 in this case]. So I open restore console, select the archive job, select yesterdays date [media says Week 2]. I then select the specific folder, then Restore To. I then change the restore to location to the destination path I want to use, its a remote server.

During the restore the entire tree of the archived folder starting with 'Week 2' is restored to the destination location, I don't want to 'restore' the entire tree, just the folder I selected before.

For example:
Selected folder from archived backups: S:\ServerA\Week 2\userfolders\username
Restore to: \\ServerB\userfolders
When a restore is done: \\ServerB\userfolders\Week 2\userfolders\username
Expected restore destination: \\ServerB\userfolders\username

Is there a way to only restore the folder without it moving over the parent directories of the backup archive? I don't want to move it by hand because I want to make sure permissions are not modified in any way. If there is not a way to restore the folder properly then is this issue fixed in v8 or v9? Thank you!
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Re: Restore Console restores Archive folders to incorrect fo

Postby Mike D » Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:41 am

When restoring to an alternate location the menu tree is always restored even in version 9. The only way to get just the single folder you are wanting is to open the archive file up with 7zip and copy the folder manually from the backup.
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