Backup completes without errors but nothing is backed up!

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Backup completes without errors but nothing is backed up!

Postby bmak » Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:23 pm

BackupAssist Version: 7.4.6
Host System: Windows 7 Pro (64bit)

I have a ticket in with BackupAssist support for this but it's simply taking too long to resolve.

I have a new installation of BA 7.4.6 with several already configured jobs. This installation has been running for about a month successfully performing nightly backups from a network share to a local drive. I have just started to add additional jobs using the 'clone' function and then changing the file selection and destination settings. I have two jobs that run and complete without any errors but they are backing up nothing!

BackupAssist support reviewed the logs and reported that all the selected folders were also included in the exclusion tab. Which was news to me given that I had made no changes or additions to the exclusions tab and when I reviewed the tab there were none of the reported folders listed in this window.

Nothing I do seems to see this working. I have tried modifying, deleting and fresh creation of new jobs, tests of local to local within the same job is successful, but this all fails when I reassign it to a network folder. I have checked the permissions for the network share and they are all OK.

Any ideas please would be helpful. If anyone can tell me how to find and modify the job settings file I can investigate this further.
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Re: Backup completes without errors but nothing is backed up

Postby shabbaranks » Thu Sep 25, 2014 8:46 pm

What account have you allocated to run the backup job - (Settings - Backup user Identity) maybe try a domain admin account to test? Also with regards to the network share whats the path? For mine I use an admin share unc path \\server\drive$
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Re: Backup completes without errors but nothing is backed up

Postby btrump » Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:07 am

I have this EXACT same problem on the EXACT same version of BackupAssist (7.4.6). I was using a USB drive but switched to using an iSCSI target on a NAS connected to my Server 2012 box (just shows as a physically attached HDD). BackupAssist says the job completes without errors, it takes about the same amount of time that restoreable backups take, and there are no errors in the Windows Logs either. I have zero clues as to what is causing this problem but it makes me nervous to not have successful backups that actually work every night.

I'm using a "service" account with domain admin rights to perform the backups too. Do you have a case number with BackupAssist I can tell them to check or cross reference so that maybe they can work these two cases together to find a resolution?
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