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Tape Times Out Error 1450

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:48 am
by personaltechnology

I Have a Windows 2008 STD 64bit server with a Quantum LTO 2 external tape drive attached.
I have ran the full xTalk diagnostic health check on the system with NO issues.
I had no problems with BackupAssist detecting the correct tape drive.
When I tried to "Prepare" the media, it would error with no message.
I completed the job setup anyway and tried to run a test and received a "Time Out" error 1450 for the tape drive.
I have sent in a request and diagnostics to support.

Error BA102
CortexIT.Tape.TapeWin32Exception: Operation GetTapeParameters (Tape) timed out
... [1450][1450][1450][1450][1450][1450][1450][1450][1450][1450] failed with
... error code 1450.
Error message: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested
... service
at CortexIT.Tape.Tape.HandleAPIError(String operation, Int32 errorCode)
at CortexIT.Tape.Tape.get_TapeParameters()
... CortexIT.BA.BackupDestinations.Portable.DirectTapeDrive.CActions.PortableMed
... iumReadyCheck(GenericMedium medium, Boolean& destinationExists, Boolean&
... isMediumInserted, Boolean& isMediumPrepared, Boolean& isMediumCorrect,
... MediumId& insertedMediumId, String& insertedMediumLabel)
... CortexIT.BA.BackupDestinations.Portable.DirectTapeDrive.CActions.Destination
... Check(GenericMedium medium, BackupMode mode)
... CortexIT.BA.BackupEngines.FileBasedEngine.StepDestinationCheck(ActivityColle
... ction root, StepCommand stepCommand)
at CortexIT.BA.BackupEngines.BackupEngine.ExecuteWorkflowSteps(Boolean skip,
... ActivityCollection myActivities, Queue mySteps, BackupConditionEnum
... unhandledExceptionConditionCode, ExceptionSection& myExceptionSection)

If any one else has come across this issue please let me know.