VSS Errors

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VSS Errors

by wormscoffer » Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:22 pm


Please don't wait for me to post twice before you reply with canned text! Thanks.

This is not a post about a specific issue but about VSS errors in general.

We are plagued by these on a regular basis on a variety of systems, with different setups and on all versions of BA.

I know that it's not BA software, it's the underlying MS writers and that BA could legitimately say it's not your problem. However, in the respect that my techs see the problems when using your software and are going to mutiny on me soon it is a problem for BA in that I'll have to look at alternative solution. Apart from anything else, I need clients systems with backups.

I'm wondering if there's not something that can be put together as a "VSS Troubleshooting" resource. Maybe there's another solution but I'd love to hear some input from BA and other users.

Please chip in!


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