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Media Management

Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:01 pm
by MotivAction
Hi Folks

I've got a new install of BackupAssist 6.1.2 which I'm using to backup up to external USB hard drives

Our backup media consists of ten drives which will be used on a two week rotating cycle, each drive has been physically labelled, named in Windows drive manager & Prepared in BackupAssist with matching labels that describe where in the cycle it lives

e.g. 5 drives are labelled "Backup A Monday" through to "Backup A Friday" while the other 5 are labelled "Backup B Monday" through to "Backup B Friday"

During the preparation of the tapes "Backup A Monday" was the first prepared then "Backup A Tuesday" and so on until "Backup B Friday" as the tenth one prepared

Everything is working in essence but the media management options are out of sync with the drives so BackupAssist is complaining that the wrong media is connected each time the backup runs

I know why the media manager is out of sync with the real world but I can't find how to tell it the error of it's ways

The media manager is out of sync because the installation of BackupAssist and the running of the first job was done part way through our two week cycle (the first backup occurred when "Backup B Wednesday" was the "correct" drive needed) but BackupAssist was expecting the first drive in the media set "Backup A Monday" to be the connected drive.

Is there any way to tell BackupAssist that "Backup B Thursday" is the one that will be used tonight and then for it to know where in the cycle we are from that point on?

Note : I've turned off the media checking option for the moment but it would be nice to get everything in sync be able to re-enable it


Alan Sparrow