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BackupAssist 6.1 does not find Exchange 2003

Posted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:59 pm
by CMazenauer
Hi Guys,

Strange Problem. I'm using BackupAssist since some Months on 2 SBS 2008 Servers - everything works fine.

On friday I installed Version 6.1 on a SBS 2003 (which I never did before). The strange thing that bothers me is, that the Exchange Information Store is listed nowhere.

I can see the SQL Server in the "Files And Folders" Section but no Exchange at all. I tried Replication and NTBackup Modules. Both the same.

At the moment I use NTBackup (with BackupAssist) to Backup Exchange 2003 and everything works fine. No errors at all, so I guess there's no Problem with the Exchange Setup or the SBS 2003.

Any suggestion? Is it possible to just choose the Exchange Folder manually?