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Email Notification Failure sockError:10061

Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 3:02 am
by msaffold

I'm having a problem with 1 server not sending email notifications. We have a total of 3 servers all using version 6 twoof which are working fine. The failing server is an upgrade from version 4 while the 2 that work are new installs. I've seen a problem similar to this in the version 5 forums, but didn't see any resolution. I've verified the settings between a server that works and the one that fails and they are identical. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The actual error I'm receiving is:
SMTP connection failed
Log file reads:
DllDate: Aug 12 2009
Username: administrator
Component: .NET 2.0
Need new SMTP connection
No SMTP login provided.
No SMTP password provided.
Skipping SMTP authentication because no login/password provided.
Connecting to SMTP server
smtp_port: 25
smtp_user: NULL
auth-method: NONE
sockError: 10061
Connect function failed.
SocketError: WSAECONNREFUSED No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
Failed to connect to SMTP server.
Failed to connect to SMTP server