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Temp File Errors

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:05 am
by bert
I am not sure if you can comment on this, because it is due to another company. But, I had written in earlier with an issue of my server crashing possibly due to an install of the upgrade v6. It turns out it was due to a known bug by ESET's Antirvirus program creating huge temp files. I have since discovered that NOD32 did not handle the two large Backup Assist zip files that I had BA create on one of my partitions prior to moving it to an external drive. I have since excluded that partition.

I tell you this not because it is a problem with Backup Assist, but justs in case you hear about a similar problem. Or maybe it is a good idea to exclude any partitions with large zip backups? ESET is supposed to be coming out with a new version shortly to fix this issue.

Thank you.