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The Cloud Backup Add-On:

Store Your Backups in the Cloud!

Want to store your backups on Azure or Amazon, a private cloud server, or an offsite data center?
Cloud Backup lets you simply and securely do just that. Transfer files, folders and even applications.
Download the 30-day free trial and get peace of mind today. Download the Free Trial

Public Cloud Backup

Swiftly and easily transfer your backup data to public cloud providers such as Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We don't tie you down to a preferred service, allowing you to shop around for the best deal for you.

Our advanced online backup features make your life easier. Buy more data storage space from your provider as needed.

With the Cloud Backup Add-on, your cloud backups are immediately available whenever you need to restore your data.

Advanced Encryption & Privacy

Our software makes sure your data remains completely private in the cloud - whether it's from governments, cloud providers or hackers.

With the Cloud Backup Add-on, you can create military-grade encrypted data containers to store your data in. Each container has an encryption key. Without it, it is impossible for any cloud provider or hacker to access your data.

Your data is also encrypted during transit, preventing interception and providing you with double layer of protection.

You can also select the location of the data center where an online backup is stored, giving you control and knowledge over your business data.

Data Deduplication & Compression

To keep your cloud hosting costs down, our Cloud Backup Add-on offers data duplication and high level compression.

Normally, when you back up any sort of data, it is sent as data chunks.
There are bound to be hundreds if not thousands that are identical.

However, with our Cloud Backup Add-on, you only send the unique data chunks once.
This means you never send the same data twice.

This saves time and hosting costs in the cloud, reduces upload/download times, and improves recovery times.

With deduplication and compression, you can reduce the size of your backups in the cloud by up to 71%.

Your backups are also performed incrementally, so only data that has changed since your last backup is sent to the cloud.

Private Cloud Backup

Want to keep your data in your own hands, but don't want to store it on site? No problem! Our Cloud Backup Add-on allows you to backup to private cloud destination.

Using either our WebDAV or Rsync backup features, you can store your critical files at any secure, off site location of your choice. You can also use built-in encryption to protect your data on the host destination.

Resilient Transfers

The motto of our Cloud Backup Add-on is "Never send the same data twice!" And with it, your days of having to restart file transfers when your network goes down is over.

When your backup job is interrupted, our software remembers the data you have sent, so it doesn't have to be sent twice.

Our software also doesn't immediately quit your backup job during an outage - it tries to resend your data after appropriate delays.

In short, our software offers you greater redundancy if things go wrong - which is what backup software is all about!

Bandwidth Throttling

Preserve your bandwidth during business hours with our cloud backup throttling feature.

With it, you can manage the upload and download speed for all your cloud backup jobs.

This is just one more way the Cloud Backup Add-on saves you time and money.

Compare the Features

Base License vs Cloud Backups

Public Cloud Backup (Amazon Web Services)

Public Cloud Backup (Microsoft Azure)

Private Cloud Backup (Rsync)

Data Deduplication

256-bit AES Encryption

Data Containers (with Encryption Access Key)

Data Package Compression

Bandwidth Throttling & Automatic Retries

Customized Email Notifications

Support for Roaming / Work-at-Home Users

Ability to Exclude File Types to Save Space

Protected Data Transfer Using Secure Shell

Non-Convergent Encryption

Insulated Encryption

System Specifications
Cloud Backup Add-on System Specification
- BackupAssist & Cloud Backup Add-on
- Cloud Backup Standalone License
(What's the difference? Read More)
Supported Microsoft OS
- Windows Server 2019
- Windows Server 2016
- Windows Server 2012 & 2012 R2
- Windows Server 2008 & 2008 R2
- Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7