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A BackupAssist Feature Snapshot:

Restore & Data Recovery

Our software lets you swiftly and reliably restore any data you may lose, saving you from financial ruin.
Restore files, folders, apps, or whole systems - physical or virtual. Reduce downtime to mere seconds.
Download the 30-day free trial and get peace of mind today. Download the Free Trial

Bare Metal Recovery

With BackupAssist, you can recover entire systems from bare metal, allowing you to bounce back from any disaster.

When you need to perform a bare metal recovery, our powerful recovery tool - RecoverAssist - makes the process simple and stress free.

Unlike a typical Windows boot environment, you're presented with a toolkit with all the things you need to troubleshoot and recover your servers with ease.

You can communicate with the BackupAssist Support Team from within your boot environment, getting help from our data recovery professions when you need it most.

Rapid & Full VM Recovery

Recover Hyper-V guests in their entirety with Full VM recoveries. You can also recover your Hyper-V host to bare metal.

Eliminate downtime by spin up lost or damaged VMs in seconds by running them off your backup media. Meanwhile, perform full recoveries in the background, with any changes moving over when the process is finished.

You can select all, some or one of your guests to recover from your backups as needed.

Swift Data Restore Tools

With just a few clicks, quickly retrieve any conceivable type of data: files, folders, apps, drives, systems and more.

Recover individual mail items from your mail items from your Exchange Server, such as e-mails, attachments, calander data, and contact lists.

Perform point-in-time restores of your SQL databases, winding back the clock on a transactional level.

Perform a granular data restore from within a Hyper-V guest backup, just as you would from a physical server.

Recover your data from backups kept on local disk, public or private cloud, USB HDD, NAS, SAN, iSCSI, RDX or tape.

Amazing Search Tool

Our Restore Search tool allows you to swiftly scour your backups even when they're not connected. This means you can discover if the data you want is on a backup before you retrieve it.

Our software offers Wildcard Search, which means you don't need to know the full or even partial name of the file, folder or drive you're looking for.

You can search by parameters such as file type, file size, the date range it was backed up, when it was created or last modified, or the parts of the name you remember.

You can easily search multiple backups or different backup jobs for your files, not one-by-one. You can also search inside Guest VM backups and restore any files, folders, or apps you want.

Bootable Backups

BackupAssist lets you create a single USB HDD device that combines both your boot media and backup media - an all-in-one recovery media to make your life easier.

With it, you can recover an entire physical system to bare metal with just a few clicks.

It’s just one more way that BackupAssist makes backup and data recovery easier.

Systems Supported

BackupAssist is hardware agnostic, so you can backup servers and end-points, then restore your data to the same or dissimilar hardware. For OS compatability, click below.
System Specifications
Microsoft Server Operating Systems

Microsoft Client Operating Systems

Microsoft VSS Applications*

Microsoft Virtual Environments